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Welcome to .::PhenoMenaL Gaming Server::.

Connect Ip :

INFO about the Server:

Game : Counter-Strike 1.6  

Server Created Since : 2015

Mod : Public

Server Hosted by ; albhosting.info

Admins Online 24/7

No Lag/No Cheats

Powered by (Owners) : DeNo. & StrongHold;


Teamspeak3 Ip : or v9.tsdns.info:25207

Pozitat te cilat i permban serveri dhe menyra me te cilen ju mundeni ti merrni ato :

1.Kryesor +FTP 200 or + 4xBoost
1.1-Kryesor paFTP 100 or +2xBoost
2.Head - 50 or 1xBoost
3.Mbikqyrs 75 or
4.Asistent 50 or
5.Admin 20 or

Nese deshiron me pas diqka ma speciale se playerat tjera ateher bleni VIP

Buy VIP = 1xboost
Eng: What u get when u are VIP - ALB: Sendet te cilat i permban VIP

1.You get Free nades each round. (HE,2FB,SG)
2.Free Armor+Helm
3.You Get 500$ per kill and per HS 800$
4.You Get 15HP per kill and per HS 30HP
5.You See bullet damage at real time.
6.Write /vips u will see VIP's online.
7.You can use Admin Chat
8.Slot reservation
From 3 round u will begin see menu:
1.Get Free M4K1 and Deagle+HE
2.Get Free AK47 and Deagle+HE



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